Pasture Valley Children's Home News April - May 2019

1 Peter 5:6-7 “ Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you."

Watching the Children Play

So much joy comes from watching children play. The delight in a child’s face when he slides down a slide or swinging off a rope is very precious. With the help of sponsorship from Germany, a dream was realized by providing playgrounds to 4 locations. At Gege PreSchool and Primary school, the children could not contain themselves and all ran for the playground to try it out. There are over 300 children who will benefit from the playground. At Mshiphila preschool all lined up to take their turn on the slide. For most of the children there it would be the very first time to experience a slide.

At Qomintaba Preschool over 50 little children were delighted with the playground and the children at Pasture Valley also received a new playground too. It has brought great joy.

The children were happy to receive their food for the feeding programme at the preschool.

Keeping Busy during the Easter Holidays

The girls have been keeping busy with baking cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies, while the boys have been out fishing and going on a camp. The boys camped out on the Mkhonto river while the girls camped at Gogo’s farm under the guava trees. The devotions shared were about having self-worth and not allowing yourself to be deceived.

The children also loved the Easter egg hunt in our garden. The Easter church services were a good reminder of our Lord’s sacrifice for us and His love for us. Uncle John Davis came to teach the children how to make washing baskets in the carpentry workshop. Each home will have a new washing basket soon. The children also got a truck load of macadamia nuts from my mom’s farm. There was much excitement as they got off-loaded.

Challenging Times

As most parents know, our children do not always behave like little angels. This period has been particularly challenging as we have been faced with children misbehaving in ways we never dreamed possible! The misbehaviours have put a lot of stress on the Ekuthuleni staff and the Pasture Valley family. Please pray for us as we look at putting one of our boys into a Reformatory school with a boarding facility. It has a good reputation with wonderful testimonies from the children that have been there. God calls us to not be weary and to take our burdens to Him. Only Jesus can restore the broken-hearted.

Prayer Requests:

  • Thankfulness for our wonderful care-takers and teachers at Pasture Valley and Ekuthuleni
  • For preparations for Taiwan’s wedding in Tanzania and Swaziland
  • For safe travels for upcoming teams for June and July
  • For the children to have a strong relationship with Jesus
  • For their futures and study directions especially for Phumelele and Zethu who are in Form 5
  • Thankfulness for the safe return of the Krause family after a month and a half with their new son, Daniel
  • Thankfulness for all our supporters and for God’s provision
  • Thankfulness for the beautiful farm we live on
  • For Gogo Constance’s health
  • For the Bickford family
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