Plato By Katelyn Chiu

Who was Plato?

Plato was a Greek Philosopher born in 428 BC and died in 347 BC. He was a student of another philosopher named Socrates and then he later became a teacher of Aristotle. He was mostly influenced by Socrates, as he was primarily the main character in Plato's writings, but he was also influenced by Heraclitus, Parmenides, and the Pythagorean.

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Plato's Philosophy and Main Ideals

Plato believed that democracy was not a good system of government. He thought that rule by people wasn't fair or reasonable. One of Plato's writings (Republic) he described how he would run the government. At the top were philosophers, then warriors, and the last group was made up of the rest of the people. Plato thought that men and women are equal, and that they should be able to get the same education and the same job opportunities.

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Plato's Impact on Ancient Greek Society

Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle introduced the first principles to Western philosophy. He was a mathematician and a philosopher. Plato was also the founder of an Academy in Athens. It was the first institute that taught higher end education to students. His writing had a variety of thoughts and ideas included in it: political theory, nature, science, and mathematics.


Plato's Academy

Modern Examples of Plato's Philosophy

Plato introduced the idea that the government should be led by leaders and not by the people. He wanted the government to be fair and just. In one of his writings he focused on the idea of wisdom and justice in the government. He felt that men and women required equality, and that they should be given the same opportunities. Plato also showed people the importance of mathematics and science in education.

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