Uses & Effects of Mass Media COM 4424 - Online course - Spring 2017 - Kennesaw State University

Hi. I'm Dr. Daws, and I'll be your professor this semester. Welcome to class!

I have a PhD in Mass Communication from the University of Kentucky, an MA in Communication from Auburn University, and a BA in Communication from the University of North Alabama. I love my job as a professor and am really looking forward to the class!

This is a fully online course in the Uses & Effects of Mass Media. Have you already taken COM 2230-Intro to Mass Communication? Are you a fully declared Communication major? If the answer to both those questions is "YES," congratulations! You meet the prerequisites. Let's dive in to some things you need to know to get started with success, shall we?

Excited yet? me too. this is a great class.

By the end of the semester, you will be able to:

Identify major theoretical perspectives on the uses and effects of mass media

there's a theory to explain why we felt so sad when oprah's talk show went away

Describe, analyze, and critique current theories of mass media usage and impact

or, be able to address whether the health information conveyed on grey's is more persuasive than those truth ads against smoking

Yes, I know that's from the first season. It's the only one I really watched. Forgive me. Moving on.

Locate, read, and summarize scholarly research related to media uses and effects

galileo is your friend. we will learn it & use it often.

Criticize media messages and images in the context of media theory and research

How'd tv get so violent?! You'll know *exactly* how, very soon.

Present content related to mass media criticism and theory

did cbs, janet, justin, or mtv get fined for this stunt? what finally made the fcc act? and why does it matter?

And, lastly, demonstrate improved media literacy skills

So sad. So true.

You'll need this book, which is an excellent and comprehensive overview of all things media effects research. I'll give you other things to read from scholarly journals and the web via D2L.

If it's linked in D2L, 95% of the time, it's required. I'll clearly state if anything is optional. Read all the things for maximum benefit!
Deadlines & Assignments

Deadlines are important in an online class! Everything will be due on Sundays at 11:59 pm. New content is released each Monday at 12 am.

graded assignments

We'll have quizzes, discussion posts, social media conversations, exams, and papers to test your understanding of the material. Assignments are designed to be engaging, relevant, and something to help you prepare for capstone.

Class policies
no late work is accepted

I'm a stickler for things being turned in on time. All deadlines are announced in advance and are located in our handy weekly schedule document on D2L. If you believe you have an extenuating circumstance that would warrant additional time on an assignment, contact me as soon as you can.

#NeverForget #Snowpocalypse2014

Unexpected university cancellations, such as those based on weather, generally won't impact the deadlines in our online class. One of the benefits of an online course is the lack of interruptions due to forces of nature. A zombie apocalypse, on the other hand...

...aim for their heads and hope for the best...

I should mention that some of our content and examples this semester contain graphic, violent, and sexually explicit imagery. We will be dealing with difficult topics and thinking about media messages that some of you may actively avoid. Talk to me if you have a particular concern based on any of the topics you see in the textbook or in our weekly modules.

Also, expect a few spoilers along the way. Sorry. It goes with the territory.

if you haven't already watched stranger things, go ahead and add it to your netflix cue asap.
don't plagiarize. do your own work.

Unfortunately, even in an upper-level class like this one, I routinely have to deal with plagiarism issues. It always saddens me. You'd earn a much better grade doing your own work that's sub-par rather than stealing the above-par work of others. If I detect plagiarism, I do follow through with penalties consistent with the KSU statement on academic integrity. At the least, you will earn a 0 on the assignment in which plagiarism occurs, and I'll submit your name to the Office of Academic Integrity. At the most severe, you will fail the course and/or be dismissed from the university. No one wants that to happen, so do us all a favor and do your own work. If you ever are in doubt, please ask me ahead of time. I'm here to help.

Please contact me immediately with your questions & concerns

The best way to reach me is via KSU e-mail: I respond to all emails within 24 hours, Mondays-Fridays. I generally do not respond to emails on the weekend. It's not that I don't love you or don't care. It's that I also love my family and they deserve some undivided attention, too. Please don't email me with that dreadful D2L email client.

I will respond to your email sent there eventually, it'll just take longer. My Twitter feed is professional in nature, so you can follow me there for job/internship announcements and other related communication information. Connect with me on LinkedIn so we can stay in touch after you graduate. It's always nice to see when my students achieve their dream jobs, as I hope all of you will. And, if you're into that sort of thing, you can follow me on Snapchat for stories based on my adventures in the kitchen.

I'm only part millennial, so I'm still learning the ways of the Snap. But I do love it.
Visit me in person in Social Sciences 5061 on the Kennesaw campus

I hold regular in-person office hours in the Social Sciences building, room 5061, on Wednesdays from 9:30-10:30. But I'm on campus almost every day and always willing to set up a time outside of office hours to meet with you. If you're on campus, drop by to say hello. You can also Skype me at @LBDaws or join me via the virtual office hours link in D2L. Email to set up an appointment.

need help?

KSU offers wonderful resources for distance learners, efficient technical assistance, policies regarding academic affairs, help with disability accommodations, medical assistance, mental health and stress management, advising, and much more. Please check out the links below to take advantage of the support staff on campus and virtually.

That covers just about everything, but for the full details, please read the full length syllabus on D2L. It explains everything here, just with more words. If you have a question or concern about anything you've read let me know. Otherwise, you're ready to get started. Check out the course tour below, then head over to the Introduce Yourself forum to say hello. Looking forward to a great semester!


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