Google Search Console Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand

Selecting from the provided list, we chose the Google Search Console. We felt this free resource would benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand because it will provide their organization with automatic assistance in the future to help them identify future issues like those we noticed on their website. Google Search Console is a service that will provide the Club with: analysis of the clicks they received from Google searches, alerts notifying them of any website related issues, and test results of whether Google can successfully understand and navigate through the provided content.


Signing up for this service will require a Gmail email address.

The process of using Google Search Console then starts by providing Google with the link to your website, and then verifying ownership.

Once verified, there Google will send you an email with six steps that help maximize the effectiveness of the program. For instructions watch the video below.

After these six steps are completed, access to the resource's benefits will be provided, which first is a:

Search Analytics Report

This report provides the organization with information in regards to how often their site appears in Google search results. The organization can then filter and group data by categories such as: search query, date, or device.

Doing so allows them to:

  • Analyze changes in their search traffic over time and make the appropriate adjustment
  • See where traffic is coming from
  • Which search queries were most common to lead to their website

Organizational Benefits

  • Location- shows geographic market segmentation to better narrow the target of those interested.
  • Seasonal- reveals behavioral patterns of when traffic is highest to determine best times to advertise specific content.
  • Events- those with highest popularity can be emphasized and help eliminate those that show less interest.

Secondly, the organization will receive email alerts for any critical errors or issues that occur on their website. Broken link errors like the one shown in the background, and other website crawl errors can prevent their website page from appearing in search results, therefore, Google provides a

Crawl Error Report

This report gives the organization details about their URLs that Google could not successfully “crawl” or that resulted in an HTTP error code. There are two main sections:

  • Site Errors- main issues over the past 90 days preventing Googlebot from accessing the organization's entire website.
  • URL Errors- specific errors Google encountered when attempting to “crawl” specific pages.

Organizational Benefits

  • The Knowledge of Knowing: The flow of the website will improve as they will be notified of broken links they may be unaware of.
  • Current examples:

Lastly, Google tests whether or not the organization's content is understandable and will allow crawling on their web page. The Googlebot will then notify The Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand if there is any difficulty accessing pages on their site, and if any are completely blocked and inaccessible.

This service overall should help them beyond identifying issues that can be easily identified, but also notify them of the debugging crawl issues on their site they may be unaware of.

Organizational Benefits

  • Improved access to donors, parents, and volunteers who currently are closing their browsers due to website errors.
  • Current examples:"Get Involved" page is not set up, and "Volunteer" link results in the page you are looking for cannot be found.

Thanks for Watching!

Alexis Barnhill & Josh Lorenzen 


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