Photosynthesis- Erin Coulter


Photosynthesis is the process of which plants get their food and energy from. Did you know that plants make their food through their leaves? A plants leaves contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll can make food that the plant can use from carbon dioxide, water, nutrients, and energy from sunlight. The chemical equation for photosynthesis is shown below, where there are 6 molecules of carbon dioxide, and twelve molecules of water. This is eventually turned into the equation, C6H12O6,( the chemical equation for sugar, six molecules of oxygen, and six molecules of water.

Cellular Respiration

Cellular Respiration is the process that releases energy by breaking down glucose and other food molecules. This takes place in the mitochondria of cells. In cellular respiration, cells use oxygen to break down glucose sugar and store its energy in molecules of ATP.


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