Business Venture By Twisted CafÉ

Here is our logo
Taste the world with a twist!

This is us

At Twisted café, we are a team with talented individuals to do the job. We are all focused on giving our customers the best experience!

What Are Our Products?

Here are a few pictures of our mouth watering prouducts for you to take a look at!

Our Products

Refreshing Drinks

Passion fruit

Exquisite Croissants

Cream cheese
Pizza Croissants
Sandwich croissant

Delectable Cinnamon Rolls

Original Flavour
Red Velvet Flavour
Pizza Flavour

Fluffy Cinnamon Buns

Chocolate chip

How we create

Now you know what we make, but how do we make our products? Here's a detailed overview about the care we put into our creations!

Step 1: Fold Away!

Why origami?

By using origami, we expand our reaches on the map, and add variety and authenticity to our products. It's also eco-friendly!

Super strong!

Step 2: Roll and Knead

Step 3: Baking, packaging, and tooth picking

Step 4: Fresh Juice making


At Twisted Café, we try to be as eco friendly as possible, to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs to follow in our footsteps. Here are just some of the ways that we are making the world a better place!

Compostable utensils

Epic recyclable packaging

Recyclable napkins

Booth with bins

Chalkboards and chalkboard paint

Digital Displays

Projected Profitability

After understanding our company and products, it's time to get into the finance aspect of our company. in this section, you'll find just that!

Market Oppurtunity

As a developing company we must know what we are up against in the real world. That way we know what to continue and what to improve while moving forward.

Low end: Costco

High end: La Novita Bakery and café

Middle end: Starbucks

Mission Statement

This is our mission statement


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