Snowy Owls 'tis the season

The 2013-2014 Winter brought one of the largest influxes of Snowy Owls to the lower 48. As "Snowy Season" draws near, birders, photographers and owl lovers are preparing to brave the bitter cold in hopes of a glimpse, or better, of this magnificent bird. Preliminary indications are there will be a good population of Snoweys again. Perhaps it won't be as dense as last year but it certainly looks well above average!

Last year, the Snowys were very approachable. This owl (left) allowed me to get within 20 feet and didn't seem concerned in the slightest with my presence. Photo credit: Dan Traun
A Snowy swoops in low across the frozen Minneosota fields
Hovering against a rare winter blue sky

Some of my select image captures and personal favorites from last season

I made four trips out to the owl fields where this particular female has set up winter residence. I saw her three times in all. It was a new life-list bird for me as well as an exciting opportunity for some unique images. I also was able to guide my avid-birder daughter Nicole to this creature so that she too could add it to her life list.

I almost never had the chance to photograph this bird. Were it not for a persistent photo-friend badgering me via Facebook Messenger, to come out and see this owl, I wouldn't have these photos. That is a debt I owe and one which I must pay forward to someone new if the Snowys return this year.

I don't want to bore you but...

'Tis the season to start thinking about searching for this rare and elusive visitor to Minnesota. My special owl lens is on order and should arrive about the same time as the Snowys. With luck and perseverance there should be more owls I my future; in all of our futures.

...getting excited... Are you?

See you in the winterlands
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