Who am I? I am a person of compassion, quirk, resilience, and optimism. I am a leader that tests the binds of my limits. I am a student that uplifts those around me.

Now, who will I represent?


I want to represent a DUCK at the UNIVERSITY of OREGON


At the University of Oregon, I want to pursue a degree in business. Specifically, my passion for business has led me down the path of yearning for a major in international business, and with a double-major, with marketing.

At UO, I will study business and its implications through the Lundquist College of Business.

Now, What is the What to the What?

Well, the "what to the what," are the basic requirements of getting into the University of Oregon. With a UO application, every component is taken into consideration with their requirements: min 3.0 GPA, min 1080 SAT, and complete the application by Jan 17, 2017.


The University of Oregon is located in Eugene, Oregon. In attending this college, I will live on campus for two to three years; then, after the allotted years, I will still live locally in Eugene to complete my degree.

Eugene is a pretty spectacular place!


To attend the University of Oregon as an incoming freshman of the Fall 2017 term, I will have to complete the college application by, at least, the regular decision date this year, which is Jan 17. In addition to the general admission application, the application for Clark Honor's College, along with the Presidential and Diversity scholarships, are also due on Jan 17.

Furthermore, the supporting document deadline, like transcripts and test scores, must be postmarked by Feb 15, 2017 to the University of Oregon. For standardized testing, the latest testing date honored to meet the deadline is Jan SAT and the Dec ACT, no later.


Oregon. Business. People. Business. Oregon! Must I say more?

This university has interested me for many reasons: it has the best undergraduate business program in the state; the school is immensely funded; it's in my home state; it has a surrounding vitality; and it's in the perfect suburban town, Eugene!

On top of everything else, the friendly atmosphere the campus yields is overwhelmingly inviting! The campus itself is full of prideful undergrads towards their school and all of its activities. Who wouldn't want to be in a campus like that?


I, along with many others, can get into this university by applying to UO by the deadline of admission term, whether it's a fall term or later.

To highly increase the chance of admittance, it is important to earn a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in high school. It is also vital that the required amounts of credits--math, English, science, and more--are completed, or in progress, by the time the application deadline approaches.

Lastly, by studying hard for the SAT and ACT standardized tests to meet the required minimum scores for UO, the likelihood of being accepted into this school is even higher.

Finally, when it comes to paying for school, it is important that the UO college application has a variety of community, academic, and extracurricular involvement along with a good GPA to be considered for financial scholarships.

how can you say no to UO?

(Trick Question: You Can't)


at the University of Oregon


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