The Most Played Sport of USA The game of football


The first thing that you need is you need to have the clothes and shoulder pads if you don't have shoulder pads in the NFL(National football league), they will not let you in you could be the best player and if you don't have the clothes you’ll not be in the NFL. the Requirements you need to be in the NFL

Football gear

How To Play

How to play football it's simple for kids but in the NFL it's complicated in the NFL you have to do plays,need to know how to take a hit and if you break a bone you can not cry.that is how you play in the NFL.But now let’s get into to the cool part.when you're a kid you can do anything you want can you play two hand touch,tackle, or you can just throw the football.But what I think the best thing is when you're playing with your family because in the NFL the only way you can play with your family is if you go home but you won't a lot of time at home because you are always traveling.That is how you play football

Where you play

Most of the time you will pay in the u.s but sometime you will play in differt countries but most of the time you are in the u.s.a.that is where you play

most of the time you will play in the u.s.a

What team you're on

There are 32 teams in the NFL but you don't get to pick want team you're on you have to get drafted.That is how you get in the NFL


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