Macabre Final BY: Noah Countryman

Macabre- Something dealing with a gruesome, horrible, death.

Fire Mummy's - "The Fire Mummy and Hanging Coffins of the Philippines".

The fire are located in the "province of Banquet, in the high mountains of the Philippines" (Karlin).

There is a mass grave that is stacked up the Kabayan mountains in the Philippines and there many dead people buried there as mummy's.

At the entrance of the Lumiang Caves there is 100's of coffins that are stacked in the cave which is a huge cave that goes on for awhile.

The bodies are positioned with there legs pushed up and there mouth open with one of there fingers in it.

The process of how they died "In the past, the soon-to-die would drink a salty drink and, upon death, be seated over a closed fire. The process would dry the body of its juices; as the corpse cooked, tobacco smoke as blown into its mouth to stymie interior decomposition, while herbs were rubbed into the body's skin".

AOKIGAHARA- Japan's Suicide Forest

Aokigahara has the second highest suicide rate in the world.

Japan has a long tradition of suicide that dates back to Japan's feudal era.

Some people are not sure when they enter the forest so they take a rope and a tent.

Also before you enter the forest there is a sign that says you are loved by you're family, think about what you're doing, life is precise.

The Monkeys Paw


Created with images by Stewart - "Doll face" • sridgway - "Mummy @ Museum of history" • Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "War maps of Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines" • Phil_Parker - "Mummy" • mavz_yup - "Lumiang Burial Cave" • *_* - "Aokigahara Forest" • Thad Zajdowicz - "Noose" • kangotraveler - "Tents"

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