Semester 1 Portfolio by houmam haddad

This artwork is based on the theme of surrealism. The admiration of my friend and his unmatched strength is what inspired this artwork. I attempted to combine my friend and a lion in order to portray surrealism. Combining him with the head of a lion emphasizes his beastliness. I based this artwork off of the work of Martine Roche. To do this, I adde many different layers to give the artwork an unnatural feel to it.

This artwork was constructed through the use of Adobe Illustrator. I decided to create this character because this is my favorite cartoon show. This artwork is the one that I am most proud of since I am really happy of how it came out. I paid really close attention to detail and it truly shows.

This is another artwork of surrealism that is also based on my friend. I wanted to crop him out of a picture of him tackling someone else where his body is completely horizontal. I crop his body out and had to change his posture with puppet warp in photoshop so it could look more realistic when I turned him vertically. To top it all off I added the famous slogan on Red bull.

This artwork I colored in Photoshop was really enjoyable to make. I first selected certain shapes I wanted to color in and made them into a new layer. I would then color in the layers and make sure I didn't miss a spot. I then used the doge tool and the burn tool to make shadows and highlights.

This photo of the football player is one that I worked on a little after the start of the school year. I worked on restoring the picture using a number of different tools in photoshop. This is one of the more difficult assignments I have done and I learned a lot during my time restoring this photo.

This is a painting of an actual picture taken in real life. This was one of the more fun assignments as I enjoyed imagining what a painting of a Lamborghini would look like. I took a template of a canvas and added the Lamborghini underneath the canvas and began to paint parts of the Lamborghini using the paint brush and many different preferences.

This artwork is similar to the painting of the Lamborghini but the only difference is that there was a lot more detail on the original picture of the lion. This made it harder for me to paint back the lion on the canvas since the details on the lion were so mandatory. Without them the lion would look awkward. So to fix this problem I pin-pointed the areas that required detail and I took a smaller brush then began to slowly add in those details.

The significance of this artwork is the reflectance of my improvement in photoshop. This sandwich shows just how much my skills have improved in photoshop. Starting with making a sandwich by layering certain ingredients, I have come to create artworks base on surrealism and the unordinary. These artworks are a progression of my skills.

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