Cooperative Education

Learning beyond the classroom

Experiential learning beyond the classroom allows students to: - understand and be exposed to career options , develop employable skills, apply in-class theory and techniques in the workplace

There are many different career exploration and experiential learning opportunities available for students: job shadowing, job twinning, 2/3/4 credit Coop, SHSM, dual credit, OYAP.

Pre-course Interview

The purpose of the pre-course interview is to ensure that the student is ready. Teacher will assess student's readiness or commitment to the experiential learning opportunity prior to acceptance.

Establishment of the Placement and Pre-placement instruction

Placement must be assessed by a teacher to ensure that the placement offers a positive and safe learning environment

During the pre-placement, a minimum of 15 hours of instruction should be provided: health and safety, employment laws, other important information

Assessment and Evaluation.

Student's progress is assessed and evaluated through workplace monitoring, observation and performance appraisals with the student's workplace supervisor. Student's achievement is also assessed through assignments, presentations, reflective journals and portfolio.

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