Briton Invasion! Why romans inVadeD brIton?

Dear Citizens,

I am Claudius and we need to invade Briton. It has a multitude of goods we want!

It has.........

  • Lead
  • Wood
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Corn
  • Slaves
  • Wool
  • Tin


We Romans are powerful enough to show Briton!!! We will scare them all by roaring like lions and showing them our strength.

We will roar like a group of lions!!!

Because we have the right to!!


We need wool to make our togas.......

This is wool for our cosy warm togas.

You will absolutely love Briton’s wool I can prove it !


Land in Briton is the best...


Land in Briton is easy to grow crops on such as corn, wheat and other vegetables.

We are going to conquer their land because we are the best.



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