2019 Rockville Baseball Association Annual Report Celebrating 65 years serving the citizens of Rockville!

2019 was a year of unbridled success for the Rockville Baseball Association. In 2019 we....

Won a State Championship!

On June 31st the 14U Rockville Rampage claimed the Maryland/Delaware State title and won the right to compete in the USSSA World Series! The girls battled for four wins including two games that went to extra innings. The girls are now ranked first in the state and 16th in the country for C Division teams.

The RBBA is so proud of our girls, congratulations!

Made some new friends....

In 2019 the RBBA formed partnerships with...

  • The Washington Nationals
  • Major League Baseball
  • USA Baseball & USA Softball
  • The Rockville Express
  • Positive Coaching Alliance

All these partnerships mean the RBBA is in a better position than ever to conduct one of the best baseball programs in Montgomery County. And we are one of the only league in the state of Maryland that is part of the Washington Nationals TeamUP Jersey Program!

And made sure to keep the ones we have loved for so long...

The RBBA wishes to thank all the volunteers, sponsors, and dedicated individuals without whom we simply would not be able to operate!

Found a new way to honor our past...

By inducting the first class in the brand new Rockville Baseball Hall of Fame!

But most importantly, we were able to provide one of the best programs in the area and impact the lives of more than 1,000 players and their families.

In 2019 the RBBA served more than 1,000 players and 78 teams from the City of Rockville and surrounding areas and impacted many more lives than that.

The 2019 Spring season featured...

281 Rockville Residents (232 baseball, 49 softball), 390 Non Rockville Residents (359 baseball, 31 softball), and 490 players from inter league teams for a total of 1161 players across 78 teams.

The 2019 Fall season featured...

178 Rockville Residents (135 baseball, 38 softball), 176 Non Rockville Residents (158 baseball, 18 softball), and 210 players from inter league teams for a total of 564 players.

In 2019 more people coached and volunteered than ever

More than 120 coaches earned their NYSCA certification and volunteered their time to help coach RBBA teams. And more than 50 students earned the SSL hours they needed to graduate by volunteering in our Snack Bar and volunteer program.

We also had 28 dedicated volunteers who served on our Board of Directors and made sure all programs were run correctly and effectively where everyone can grow and learn!

In short, thank you!

Thank you for helping us run the program we all love so much. In 2019 we celebrated our 65th anniversary and we look forward to another 65 years and more!

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Harrison Meyers


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