types of flips by alexander marinos


Squeak squeak what how who who is making all that noise a boy doing flips like full quad front Gainer and even a backflip can you do


You can do many types of flips but if


you try a double without any experience then you will break your nec

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Its twisting in the air so when you want to twist you have to swing your arm and Follow Through

You at least have to Learn a backflip

Before frightful Or at least front half Or front flip

Try it on Super tramp then move on to normal Tramp then try mini Tramp then on ground

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Watch out quad front

quad front is is not doing 4 front flips in row it's

doing 4 front flip in the air If you're going to do quad you need to learn double back or triple front First If you're going to do any doubles triples are quad you need to learn how to hold your tuck

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Back to front Gainer

Gainer is basically doing a backflip but going forward it's one of my favorite flips of all time You know what to do for a backflip you jump and tuck while jumping backwards for gainer same thing One more step is going forwards Of course before a game that you got to learn to back layout

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Fliparos back flips

is jumping back and tuck sometimes people are very scared of doing backflips so I'm going to tell you how to get over the fear of doing a backflip first of all you need to learn how to do a back spring is one of the easiest flips of all time if you can do that then try jumping and

doing a back handspring then accidentally do a backflip but then when you try it again then you'll finally get it in won't have the fear again so so then after you do it twice try talking and when you and when you try talking it like 5 times would be able to land a backflip but dont brak your neek

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Now you know tell your friends And flip but be careful and make she someone is watching you and dont brak you neek ok

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