Photo composition rules By Hebzibah

In this photo the subject on one of the interesting points. She is considerable off center and therefore creating an additional point of interest. Placing her right in the center of the frame could have resulted in a awakward shot.
Pattern and repetition can be found all around us: a row of trees. This trees are shows repetition.
In this photo, angle is the main subject. Photographing a subject full-face means their face is pointing directly towards the camera lens.- you can see both ears, and both sides of the face in equal amounts.
This picture is filling the frame, like color full.
This is framing, the trees focus on the church.
The leading line on the roads , and trees.
This is selective focus image, the background are blurred. The camera is focused the thing.
This are error photo. Merger in photography is th tree growing out of a subjects head due to a bad angle.
Leads moving on the subjects by pulling forward slightly, waiting for them enter the frame. This picture is intrusion.
Our eye is drawn immediately to bright sun on the baby's face. This picture to defocus the lens slightly. Bright spots.
This picture shows, cropping in unusual ways can create some very cool results.
This picture is directional error there are different types of error this are systemic and random error.
Created By
Hebzibah Liji


Created with images by nuzree - "leading line road path"

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