Child poverty in the UK By Mike Kandiyoti

Hi everyone, today I'm going to talk about a massive social justice problem that affects millions of children in the entire world. For this presentation, I will talk about the child poverty in the United Kingdom that is one of the most developed country in the world. It affects me a lot because for me every children should have the right to have a place to live in and to be educated, we need to respect this law, it is a human right.

I chose this topic because it is one of the human right that I would like every children to have. It is very sad to see children that doesn't have money to buy a place to live in sleeping in the streets. When I'm seeing children sleeping in those conditions I'm asking questions to myself, for example "What will happen if I was at his/her place?"
We can actually see in this map representing the amount of children in poverty that this social justice problem is everywhere. More than 3.5 of children are affected by poverty in the UK in 2014/2015. It is a huge problem for a country that is developed like that.

As you may know, migration is a huge problem in the United Kingdom. It is a huge problem because causes to wars in countries, more and more people and especially children are living the country that is affected by wars (for example Syria) illegally by boat. Most of the refugees are living from the Middle East to go to Europe. It is a big problem for Europe because all those people when they arrived in Europe illegally they don't have a place to live in and not enough money for the education of their children. It cause lots of problem for the UK because the migrants prefer to go in UK unlike Europe because the UK is an island and is easier to reach by boat. Children are living in poverty cause to migration. We need to care and help them.

Education for children is also a huge problem for the UK. The problem is that most of the children affected by poverty n the UK doesn't have the chance to access to education. It will affects a lot more than normal children that have the chance to access to education and to go in schools because those who had gone to school will have more opportunities for their future life and it will be easier for them to go to an universities and to find a job where we can gain money unlike the children that didn't had been educated because they will have less skills and it will be more challenging for them to find an university and to find a job. For me this is a massive unjust situation because every children should have the right to be educated and to have opportunities for their future.

Hygiene is a topic that affects and contaminates lots of children in the UK. Many of them that doesn't have enough money and doesn't have the chance to take a shower everyday like we do, to brush our teeth twice a day like we do, to shave ourselves, to be clean like us. Hygiene affects them because it can causes to you lots of diseases and contamination that you can get causes to hygiene. Living in bad conditions like they are everyday can affect them and causes bad things to their body and can contaminate people and children. Living in those conditions can something reach death.

Our non-governmental organisation is trying to focus on this cause that involve more than 3.5 million of children in the UK because every children should have the rights to have a place to live in and to be educated. Our idea was to build lots of buildings in the north of the United Kingdom to help them having something to live in that will cost them a little amount of money. We would also like to build schools next to the buildings where they live for the children that have not the chance to go to school. It will help them because thanks to school, they will have more opportunities and more chance to find a job like all the other children in the country and in the world. It will be great if this social justice problem will be solve by us, our NGO will be more popular and we will gain lots of money to more and more help them. It will be great for the development in the country because their will be less homeless in the streets.

Before beginning my conclusion I would like to repeat my human right that I had talked about in this presentation. My thesis was that every children in the entire world should have the right to have a place to live in, being educated and to have a good hygiene, we need to respect this human right which for me is one of the most important law. Like I said in my introduction, more than 3.5 millions of children are affected by poverty in the UK. We need to care about them and to help them because they are our future.

Thanks for listening.
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