SIt-in Movement SoPHIA : HOUR 2

What lead to this event happening?

The four wanted to make a protest that will have a huge impact and requires no use of violence. The idea of sitting in a public area, using up the space until they were served soon started the concept of a Sit-In. Soon, the four had other followers as the the protest begin in Greensboro and because of what happened on that day became well known today.

When and where did this happen?

This event happened in February 1, 1960 (Woolworth’s store in Greensboro, North Carolina).

What was the event trying to accomplish?

They wanted a nonviolent protest, hoping they know they want to make a change by wanting to be served the same place like the whites do. This also shows that they want equal rights and want to be treated like everyone else.

Demographics (what type of people were involved)?

The people who were involved in this event were African american and white civilians who support nonviolence protest and equality for the two races.

What important people were involved in your event and how did they impact the event?

One of the important people who played a role is Martin Luther King Jr. who inspired the four to do the sit-in in Greensboro. Then there is Stokely Carmichael and Fannie Lou Hamer who are the leader of Student nonviolent coordinating committee that supports this movement.


What kind of obstacles were these groups facing?

They faced many challenges with many angry whites during the movement, getting hurt brutally and then getting arrested by the police. This was reported on the news, making more people join the protest.

How did they overcome these obstacles?

Despite all the challenges that occurred, they came prepared. They trained each other before doing the actual sit in, ignoring the hatred and do not act upon any violent actions and remembering the whole purpose of the protest. They have to hold themselves back from all the hatred and just sit there in silence while the people around them will try to do about anything to make them go away.

How did this event impact today / What are the lasting effects?

Soon the business where this famous sit-in takes place got shut down because of the protest and took away segregation policies. On July 25, 1960 they integrated the Woolworth lunch counter and have a statue of the Greensboro four.

Statue of the Greensboro four

What modern day inequality or event can you connect your Civil Rights Event to?

This concept of the Sit-Ins still happen today. There was Civil Rights protests that happened in Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Manhattan and in many other states. Many protesters gathered in the streets, blocking off roadways and held sit ins. Some would sit on the roads to block the path, hoping people will notice or pay attention why they're doing this. They want to make an impact with no violence which is a similar to the protesters in Greensboro back then.

Protest in New York


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