Restoring Sight omni school, ndola, zambia

Zambia, along with many developing African countries, is on the path to restored sight, thanks to the help of the UK charity, Vision Aid Overseas. Eye care services are scarce amongst the population of 14 million and so the charity has been playing a major part, since 1999, in developing Optometry services within the country.

Vision Aid Overseas is committed to establishing locally based Vision Centres, where patients can receive an eye examination, purchase an affordable pair of glasses and be referred for further specialist care if necessary.

Ndola Vision Center

Community outreach programmes are an important element in reaching those most in need, for example the screening at Omni School, Ndola.

The screening began with a team of local ophthalmic nurses and clinical officers, along with UK Optometrist volunteers, registering the entire school, none of whom had ever had an eye examination.

Each class queued to be registered

The vision of each child was determined using appropriate eye charts.

To help Zambia become self sufficient in eye care services, Vision Aid Overseas helps train local eye care workers. An important part of this process is to allow trainees the opportunity to work alongside professional UK Optometry volunteers, in order to gain vital practical experience.

Students carrying out eye examinations

Those children and teachers found to benefit from spectacles have their corrections made up at the local Vision Centre.

A new day and a fresh chance dawns for those receiving their first pair of glasses. Sight restored.

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