Strong Stories Do you know what a "Strong Story" is and will you share?

A "Strong Story" is a positive story that shows the power of community at ZCS!

Help us tell ZCS "Strong Stories" using a district hashtag.

We are the heart of Zionsville. Let's share our story.

What is special about Zionsville Community Schools?

The "special" reveals itself every single day in the district. The "strong" stories are endless. Student success surrounds us. Exceptional educational leadership envelops us. This is Zionsville. The many Zionsville "strong stories" paint the picture of the community we have chosen, the place where our hearts belong. We are Zionsville Community Schools.

We are the heart of the community!

What is a strong story? A strong story is anything happening in our district that brings a positive light to the place we call home. It is a story of student success, a story of character. A strong story is a story of leadership, a story of innovation in the classroom, a story of helping one another. It can be a story about families who care deeply for their children. A strong story is a story of support and friendship. It is a story of kindness and citizenship, a story of hope for the future for all ZCS students.

A strong story is an everyday action that shows the unique strength of our community.

We are #zcsstrong.

We want to hear your stories. We want to hear stories about the great things happening in classrooms throughout the district. We want to hear stories about educational leaders changing the face of instruction in our district. We want to hear about adult supports helping our children navigate an ever-changing landscape.

The goal is for #zcsstrong to be a place to share the positive stories happening district-wide. All you have to do is tag your positive school stories to #zcsstrong. Tagging your stories is meant to give us a glimpse into the many things that make ZCS the special place that it is -- a place where good things don't go unnoticed.

As a community, we have the power to be a part of building the positive. Life is full of choices. As parents, we hope our children make good choices. As children, we hope our good choices are noticed. As educators, we hope the leadership choices we make have a positive impact on our students. As a school district, we hope the community feels a sense of partnership with us.

Choices and hope go hand in hand. Choose to share the positive with us by tagging your "strong stories" to #zcsstrong, and hold to the hope that we all experience the power of positive through the stories we tell.

We have a story to tell. Let's tell it. We are a community. We are #zcsstrong.

Start tagging your stories today, #zcssstrong. Periodically, we will feature our strong stories with district families!

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