Next summer holidays we’re going to take a cruise: the WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE.

We’re going to leave Barcelona on Monday, September 1st. We’re going to Palma de Mallorca and we are going to surf on the golden sands of El Arenal beach. Then we are going to eat cococarrios and visit the quiet gardens and medieval ruins of the 10th century Arab Baths.

Another day we’re going to travel to Marseille, France, we are going to start in the port, we are going to go fishing in a boat, then we are going to get on the tourist train and we are going to visit the Quai du Port.

We’re going to climb to the neo-Byzantine Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde. The day 4 we are going to travel to Pisa, Italy and we think that we will do a lot of activities, for example: we are going to take photos, going to lunch...

In Rome we think that we will ride around the cities. The day 6 we are going to Capri,Italy. We are going to visit the Royal Palace of Naples, I think that the people will go to cafe in the Sanita district.

After that we are going to Herculaneum to see the ruins left in Vesuvius.

The day 7 we are going to stay in the cruise and we do a lots of activities, for example: We are going to play in the zip line, in the ice skating and in the rock climbing wall.

The last day in Barcelona we are going to eat Spanish tapas. Then we are going to visit Gaudí architecture.

After we will explore medieval dockyards at the maritime museum or we will go to a cooking class. We think that we will have a lot of fun.

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