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We've included lots of information below so be sure to read the introduction first so you can get the full picture. Pun intended.

Here at Zekar Photography Studio, we offer a variety of services. With so many different options, it's hard to give exact prices without talking in person. That being said, we will touch on these services below, give some pricing points for each, and provide some insight into what goes into building a package designed specifically for your wedding day.

Because we are a collective of artists we don't have set prices. Every wedding will be quoted based on who you commission and what services you need.

A conversation with Kate, our Studio Manager, can help you to figure out which photographer is available on your day. We offer free consultations at our studio so you can sit with your potential photographer to get to know them a little better. They will help plan your day out from a photography perspective and when you are done, you will have a full quote and a good idea of what your wedding timeline could look like.


Feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there? We have some helpful tips while you search for the perfect photographer!

Before we dig into the services we offer, we recommend you check out an article we wrote called How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer: 11 Essential Questions To Ask. It's an educational blog post written to help you learn a bit more about the wedding photography industry. We talk about the skills a photographer must have to obtain high level standards, and we provide questions (11 of them, in fact!) that you can ask your potential photographer to see if they have those skills. Before anything else, we want to make sure every bride and groom has access to information that will help them find exactly the right fit for them, whether it's here at Zekar Photography or elsewhere. You can also always contact us at 905-746-5858 and ask us any question you might have.


Our Services

Photography Packages Tailored For You

There are some essential things every wedding package should have, as well as some extras many couples want like photo-booths and fine art prints. The prices listed in this information page are a la carte, when items are bundled discounts are applied. Contact us for more details.


Every Package Starts With The Following Included

  • Your photos fully-edited and delivered in high-resolution on a USB key, with no watermarks. Approximately 3 hours of editing happens for every hour of coverage. Our photographs have won national awards the editing process is a big part of that!
  • An Assistant Photographer for extra coverage of the little stories that happen all day.
  • A Private online viewing gallery to share with your friends and family
  • Wedding photography timeline planning & invaluable advice from wedding industry experts (us!) The more prepared we are the better your wedding is!


If you are having a small event, contact us to find out how we can accommodate you. Every celebration is important to us and we do many weddings that land below pricing mentioned in the following sections.

Some Words From A Lovely Bride!

" Just received our wedding photos on time and exactly when we were told we would receive them :) We are absolutely blown away ! They are 1000x time more than what we had imagined they would be :) The wedding day was such a blurr to us that being able to flip through the photos and feel like we are reliving the day and seeing details and moments that we missed is truly a blessing that we will cherish forever. Mike blended in so well during the day of the wedding that he almost felt like we were life long friends, he even helped at some points during the day with certain things! I really could not thank him enough for not only being a part of our wedding day but capturing all the moments and memories that he did.

Kate as well was an amazing part in this all :) ( Kate is our studio manager here at Zekar) She always responded as soon as possible to my 100's of questions and always assisted in every way that she could, I loved how in even just speaking through email with her that she would know exactly who we were and always commented on how sweet our family was and brought personal notes into each email. It made us truly feel that she loves what she does and cares about all the clients in more of just a "business" way ! I will forever use them for all my photography needs and if I ever want to capture any memories in life! "

Christina Fernandes


Our Photographers and some price points.

Michael Tigchelaar

Mike is the owner and founder of Zekar and comes with the most experience. Known as a the "photographic ninja", he is a lover of wedding photojournalism and master of the creative editing process. Over the years he has won awards from PWPC, (Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada), and has sat on their panel to Judge Canada's top wedding photographers. He also sits on the Creative Advisory board at Mohawk College in Hamilton where he helps direct the faculty on the current trends and directions of the photography industry. He has a very relaxed personality, while maintaining professionalism and focus. This gives his couples the feeling and assurance that they are taken care of while staying relaxed.

The average couple spends $3000.00 for Mike and HIS assistant photographer to document their wedding. read the services section above to see whats included.

Kamila Kuzmicka

Kamila has been with Zekar since 2013. Driven by passion for her craft, she possesses an instinctive ability to take subtle moments and make them look exquisite. With a natural love for friends and family, she fits right in with every crowd. Her friendly nature is contagious, keeping things totally relaxed while staying in control is a signature of her presence. Kamila has a fine eye for romantic poses as well as the ability to capture natural moments.

The average couple spends $2800.00 for Kamila and an assistant photographer to document their wedding. Read the serves section above to see whats included.

Jordan Browne

Jordan has been with Zekar for two seasons as an assistant and two seasons as a lead Photographer. He is a graduate from Sheridan Photography program. A master at lighting and motion, Jordan is easy-going in nature, energetic and has creative enthusiasm in his work ethic.

Jordan's average client Invests $2600.00 for him and an assistant photographer to document their wedding. Read the services section above for more information.



Engagement Session: Starting at $450.00

Most couples want to spend some time with their photographer and see how they are during a session. It helps both the couple and the photographer break the ice and get to know one another. Since most people are fairly nervous about getting their picture taken by a professional, this can really ease some of the anxiety that builds up on the wedding day. Plus, you'll have great photos to put in a guest signing book, to use as wedding decor, put them on your wedding website or send out invites.

Our engagement sessions are designed to document you the way you are naturally together. Many grooms dread the idea of being posed, so we have ways to make them comfortable, mostly by keeping things candid. If a groom is relaxed the bride will feel better too! If we were to describe what we do it would be like you going on a date and we're documenting it. Natural laughs and hugs and just making memories.

Fine Art Albums and Print Packages: Starting at $595.00

We offer a wide selection of albums, and archival prints. This service allows you to preserve your images in heirlooms that will last for generations. Think of that - showing your great grandchildren your wedding in a fine art album! One you have looked at together for the last 80 years! Your wedding album is the first heirloom you create as a married couple and it's something that will be cherished by generations.

Photo Booth: Starting At $500.00

We are excited to announce our new photo booth for 2019. Not just any regular photobooth, it will upload you images live to Social Media or to any online file you create. Your guests can enter their email and get images and .gifs directly sent to them, live!

Video Packages

Starting at $1500.00

We are really excited to have Sadie Martin join our team as our in-house cinematographer. Sadie started out assisting for us as a photographer and learning the in's and outs of the wedding day so she could eventually become a videographer. She has come so far and we are so excited about what she brings to our creative team! Her current portfolio is always evolving, so keep checking back for the newest updates.


Do We Offer Discounts?

We understand weddings are expensive, when we sought out to build a pricing system we wanted to keep it as flexible as possible so we could cater to a wide range of couples. However we did not want to sacrifice of artistic quality. One wedding might have the need for only one photographer and a few hours of coverage. While another will want the full range of options Zekar Photography provides. We want high quality service available to every couple without forcing any given product. There are a number of ways we have left things open ended so we can cater to specific needs. Always feel free to contact us and ask questions about how we can make a package fit your budget. Even if we can't, we might know someone who can!

The prices you see mentioned in this information page are starting points and averages. We have three types of discounts we offer as we build a package for you. Off-season discounts from November through May are available. Bundling discounts, if you decide you want to bundle our services up we will add savings as you do. And lastly, we have a portfolio building discount. We offer service that matches up budding photographers with couples who need to keep things to a smaller budget. These photographers are part of our team, so you get the professionalism of Zekar, the years of experience we have and the training we have given them. We would never send a photographer out that we didn't trust to carry our name. But discounts are built in to allow these photographers to grow their portfolio and couples get a great new photographer backed by experience and know-how!


Why are we unique?

How We Create Your Story

We pride ourselves in the amount of hard work and dedication we put into each and every wedding we do. We’re kind of like an iceberg. You see us working during your wedding, but most of the work actually happens behind the scenes with the pre-wedding consultation and planning and the extensive post-wedding editing we do. For every hour we shoot, there are 4-5 hours of additional work that go into your wedding.

We don't just love what we do, we are honored to do it. Find out what our preparation, planning and editing process involves below.

Prepared To Be Laid Back

Preparation and Planning

We have a saying here at Zekar, "we are prepared to be laid back". This means that before your wedding, we make sure we are in tune with all your details and everyone is on the same page in order to make your day go as smoothly as possible.

We start by setting up a no obligation consultation meeting with the photographer of your choice. They will go over your day in detail so that you will have an idea of how it could be laid out hour by hour. Most people have only been to a few weddings in their lifetime, but our photographers have been to hundreds. This experience gives us invaluable wisdom and advice that we love to pass on to our clients. Many couples who meet with us hadn’t really thought about how the day would play out, so we’re always happy to help give some perspective. From this consultation, a full quote is made and you have your wedding day planned out by a professional who knows exactly how a wedding flows.

If you decide you want to proceed with booking your photographer, Kate, our amazing and well organised Studio Manager takes over. Before your day arrives, Kate will send you a Wedding Day Details form to fill out. She is always available to help you with any advice, planning or vendor resources you need. As well, our studio here in Hamilton is often available for a drop in visit during open hours if you need to chat but just be sure to give us a call first to make sure we haven't stepped out for any reason..

We have absolutely loved being in this industry for over 7 years and we have the experience and expertise to prove it.


The Most Important Aspect: Post-Production

Our Editing Philosophy

Post Production

Editing is where the magic happens. Our editing is timeless and we avoid being trendy so that when you’re looking at your images with your great-grandchildren, it’s going to have the same emotional impact then as it does today. Our name and reputation is behind every photograph we deliver and we take great pride in our craft. Every image is retouched by hand at our studio. Mike has developed editing techniques that give Zekar's images a signature style that blends with a multitude of wedding styles. Whether you are having a rustic barn wedding, or in a chandelier-lit wedding hall at a castle , our editing will compliment the atmosphere you envisioned and dreamed of.

Check out a before and after below for an example of the work we do to get a picture to top quality! This one uses advanced lighting on the wedding day as well as some careful editing after!

Can you spot all the differences?

Thanks for taking the time to see what goes into creating your wedding package. Feel free to keep the conversation going and contact us today, we'd love to chat!


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