Elements of Photography By:ChARLIE dAVIS

This photo is portraying a pattern. The pattern is found on the flower where you can see the tiny lines and the differnent shades of pink. I chose to take this photo because the flower caught my eye and I really wanted to try to take a picure using shallow depth of field.

This photo is portraying texture. I decided to take this picture because the lighting was amazing and because I wanted to take a picture of something worn down like this gardening gnome. You can see the texture on the gnome where the paint has been scratched off or even the flowers and the grass in the photo.

This photo of a bridge in Louisville, Kentucky gives an example of the rule of thirds. I took this picture simply because it was a nice day outside and I wanted to take a good picture of one of the bridges in the area. I tried to take a centerd photo of this bridge but it wasn't working for me, although when I used the rule of thirds it turned out much better because you can see more of the bridge and the area around it.

This picture of a train track shows us an exmple of a photo using leading lines. This photo shows us this because if your looking at the picture you want to see where the train track is going and where it stops. I took this picture because it was nice outside and my grandmother happend to have a camera with her. This picture is significant to me because it launched my "career" in photography that's why at the time I put my name on it although I will take it off the photo in the future.

This photo might be simple but it is showing an example of framing in a picture. I took this photo in particular because I didn't want to just take a picture of a door. I also wanted to take this photo because the lighting in this makes the photo almost seem like a silhouette.

This photo is unique out of all my photos because it is black and white and it is a picture of me. This photo is showing an example of space being portrayed in a photo. I particularly took this photo like this because the lighting was good and I've never taken a photo in black and white.

This photo is probobaly my favorite one I have taken. I wanted to take this picture because I wanted to test out the zoom feature on my camera and I wanted to take a photo using shallow depth of field. With the zoom feature it really captures the ants on the tree stump.

This photo is another one of my unique photos because it is using deep depth of field. I've never taken a photo using deep depth of field and I didn't even mean to take this photo using deep depth of field. This did end up being one of my best photos just because of the deep depth of field.

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