Caribbean Reef Sharks By lauren goldSTEIN

Caribbean Reef sharks, Also known as Carcharhinus Perezi, Are members of the Requiem family. They can grow up to 10 meters long and weigh up to 154 pounds. They are white to light yellow on the ventral side and grey-brown to dark-grey on the dorsal side.

there have been 27 reported attacks by caribbean reef sharks, none of them fatal

Caribbean Reef Sharks feeding with divers

1 single caribbean is worth 40,000 a year based upon how much tourism money they bring in due to the fact that they are the 1 most popular breed of shark to dive with

A Caribbean Reef swimming by sea plants

Caribbean reef sharks are not considered a danger to humans, Most attacks are simply accidental because they mistake humans for there usual food, like fish and rays

a few side shots of Caribbean Reef sharks

Caribbean Reef sharks are unique because they only live in very specific places like The shoreline from Florida to Brazil

Reef Sharks surrounding a boat

Caribbean Reef Sharks are easily confused with other breeds of sharks, but you can tell its them by the curved first dorsal fin and the longer gill slits

When you see a Caribbean reef, don't yell "Good Grief!" They are usually indifferent to human interaction, and are actually just on the hunt for a bite to eat!

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