Child Labor By: Natalia Arteaga


It all started when Craig Kielburger was only 12 years old. The spark happened when looking threw an article and reading about, the murder of Iqbal Masik. He was an Indian slave, who wanted to bring more attention to his situation, but was later killed. After hearing this he wanted to make a change to help these people in need. So he looked deeper in the child labor act and saw there was a significant amount of people who have been suffering from this.

He took action

He later started to fund for his company and started opening car washes, garbage sales, pop sales, etc. later the company was funded and is still existing to this day. He went to India to experience how they were working. He found it was unsafe, uneducated, and poor. What caught his attention was a girl named Malliga, she separates the syringe needle from the plastic. He has been worried about her because she has cut herself in the passed, and might get HIV or AIDS. The only thing they can do about it is nothing. He put word out to help these children, for a chance of happiness in their lives that they don't have right now.

Some People Did Not Approve

Only because he was 12 years old they did not take him seriously. They believed he over stepped a boundary to be talking about this situation to adults, but later on the organization raised enough money to open schools, help a lot of other countrys, shelters, and sporting goods for children.

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