Colonial parks By: Brent Williams

Have you ever wondered what parks were like in colonial times? Were they any different than the parks today? Well today I am answering those questions and more. Lets go find out more about parks in colonial times!

During the colonial times, parks where usually called the commons. These places were usually found in New England colonies. Did you know that Boston still has it's common?

Small towns and villages often had commons. In the commons kids played, tutors taught students, and families would discuss the news in the commons. Some of the games children played were, marbles, tag, hide-and-seek, hopscotch, and other outdoor games. Kids usually didn't have toys back then, so often they created their own toy or just played a game that didn't require toys. An example of a a kid making their own toys is kids' making and gliding their own kites.

Parks were not very different from parks today, except for a couple crucial facts. One example of this is the fact that the colonial parks just had a different name, "The commons." Another thing is that modern parks usually have play structures, and most colonial commons don't have one. But people love parks to this day for the same big reason, parks in colonial times and modern times provided a nice place for people to get together in a safe place.

Did you know that sometimes people from the New England colony would let there livestock graze in parks?

It was common to see animals just rouming around

parks where often just open fields
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