"People can relate and vibe out to our music. Have a beer to One song, dance to another, think about life, share an experience and pinpoint an exact moment in your being that correlates with that song, most of all just enjoy it."

- Michael Mendoza (Guitarist)

The band

"A trinity with the purpose of composing timeless music, it's only the beginning of what will be a riveting journey."

- One of the band members Mom's


Everything's better with Vedder, JOSH VEDDER that is! This guy not only leads PIXELGON's mesmerizing sound through his unique vocal stylings, but is a creature of creativity on the bass putting you in a melodic trance through his inspiring compositions.

Josh is also quite the chef, his snapchat is constantly filled his specialty - Breakfast a la Vedder.

He's funny, smart, talented... oh wait?! This isn't his tinder profile... but lets just keep that up here anyway. MICHAEL MENDOZA is the guy behind the guitar; developing riffs that are known to rythmically captivate audiences when in the house of PIXELGON.

Mike is also a taco fanatic, WHEN HE ISN't CREATING MUSIC you can guarantee he will be holding a vegan taco in one hand and a cold brew in the other.

ANDREW OROZCO... well, if he could have drum sticks for hands - he would! Living as an extension of his instrument, you will find him constantly creating -taking breaks only to eat and sleep. He see's his drums as a beating pulse behind PIXELGON's progressive sound and is a harmonic pairing when singing with VEDDER.

Andrew has his turtle andromeda order them Pizza in a language of rythymn, lyrics and binary code.... Luckily for the pizza guy it always ends up being Pepperoni

PIXELGON emits a powerful harmony, each lyric is filled with soulful imagination that will transport you away to the deepest parts of your mind. The band has been working around the clock to craft incomparable music in the developing indie rock/ baroque pop scene. They will soon be releasing their debut album FOREVER ENDEAVOR.

PIXELGON is Currently looking to partner with venues in Los Angeles to help expanding their fan base while promoting the great venues that help us share our sound.


Michael Mendoza (Guitar), With Joshua Vedder (Bass/Vox), Andrew Orozco (Drums/Vox),

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