Aurora Hunters in the Arctic circle

Some crazy fool got in touch with his friends & asked "Hey, do you fancy seeing the Northern lights? It might be a little chilly though". The reply from his even crazier friends was "YES!".

Bags packed & an early start but full of excitement.

Early start from London to Tromso, Norway & the skies were clear when we came in lifting our spirits further still for our first night in Norway.

View from Tromso as we walked off the plane.

All that remained was to check in to our hotel, collect clothing from a hire shop in town & enjoy the evening.

The view from our hotel wasn't too bad, just hope the skies stayed clear.

Early dinner for us & then out for the night to see what we could find.

Not a bad start to the trip.
A quick stop to top the tank up.
Ice road trucking makes you do crazy things like buying an ice cream where the "freezer" is warmer than the outside temperature.
Greeted by our host Oskar who makes his own footwear.

How will the cameras stand up to the freezing environment? Pretty darn well truth be told. Coldest temp we experienced was an incredible -39C on our first night at the cabins.

Can't say the Canon user manual mentions temps like this, must be ok then.

The first night was quite impressive at times & I didn't want to leave it but fatigue got the better of us all & eventually had to turn in & head to a warm bed.

Aurora over base camp.

What do you do to occupy time in the 4 hours of daylight? We went out to a frozen lake on snowmobiles to sample the delights of ice fishing.

Lucy drilling a hole through the meter thick ice & following instruction given by Jan Helmer Olson.
Colours of the Arctic
There may have only been 4 hours of sunlight but the intense colours were enjoyed throughout their entirety.

We didn't catch any fish though so it was Reindeer & beer for dinner.

Mash potato & carrot with reindeer topped with snow berries. Delicious!
Even a weak Aurora display is worth time out in freezing cold.
The huskies don't mind the cold & happily sleep outside on a little amount of straw. They just want to run & know who the boss is.
& they're off.
Out & about around base camp, if you was to go to far & get lost there really isn't much hope of survival. It's a very very remote location.
Tree branches trapped in snow make for some interesting shapes & foreground interest.
Beautiful Arctic light, I'm not the only thing out here as these animal tracks give away their presence.
The Sun has set & the light bounces down from the clouds turning the snow an amazing colour.

A special meal tonight only this time we're in a teepee kind of tent called a "lavau" (unsure of correct spelling) . It's quite an intimate experience where our host Jan Helmer cooks slices of reindeer over the log fire before placing them on a wooden platter Which then gets passed around from one person to the next whilst taking some meat to eat. After which the platter is thrown into the fire & a new one is used & the process repeated until everyone is full.

Everyone getting cosy & enjoying the evenings dining experience.
Jan Helmer Olson cooking our dinner on the biggest cooking fire I've ever seen.

After dinner it's time to get the cameras out for more Aurora shooting but it wasn't ready for us so we had to make our own northern lights while we waited. I'd packed some wire wool & a whisk for some "spinning" which everyone seemed to enjoy taking photos of. I'm happy I didn't get stopped at customs & asked to explain why I had them in my bag.

No chance of wild fires here, managing to "throw" sparks out a good distance for greater effect.
"I want to see them dance!"

They did Jane, just for you & right above our heads.

The final night & an amazing evening of aurora dancing directly over our heads & moving around with so much energy. Never knowing where to point the camera, I gave up in the end & sat back to watch the spectacle.
Created By
Peter Scott
With thanks to Lynne Harvey Jane Sedgewick Lucy Sedgewick-Naylor Dave Palfreyman Stuart Robinson John O'Regan Alister Chapman Special thanks to our hosts Oskar Eriksen Jan Helmer Olson

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