Renewable By Lula Tissot

What are renewable energy and how do they work?

Renewable energy are energy that can be replaced, examples are solar energy, wind energy, etc. Solar energy is the only renewable energy that doesn't use a turbine, all of the others use one. For example, with the wind energy, the turbine works the following way; the wind pushes the blades how makes turn the turbine and activate the generator. A turbine can also works when water in transformed into steam which make the turbine work. Energy can also be created using lemon or orange for example but they don't created enough energy to charge a phone or a tablet. You can also burned material as biomass to created an energy, or using geothermal that is found more than 6 kilometers under the ground. Countries as Iceland use the fact that they had very hot water to create energy, which every country tries to be independent. However, renewable energy has down sides. At first, biomass can pollute the air, not as much as fossil fuel but it still pollutes. Hydro-power(using water) can effect the environment, they are also scared that bird might hurt themselves with the wind turbines. As well, the first generation of solar is toxic and hard to recycle. This shows how renewable energy has good aspect but also bad, even if compare to non-renewable energy, this is much better for the environment.

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