National outdoors day On june 15

For this day everyone that is able should be outside

You can do anything you want to for the day

All emergency assistance will be on standby for something that could happen.

On June 15 it will be outdoors day and everyone could go out and have fun doing what they want for the day.

Take for instance the 80 percent of Americans that don't get enough exercise per week than they should .this could help people go outside and make them want to go for this day all paramedics and police have to have at least a gallon of water with them.

1- all water is free including drinks like Gatorade and Powerade.

2- some people don't even go out at least once a week.

3- this is a very good day to promote business.

4- good way for parents to spend time with there kids.

5- 9 out of 10 teens don't even get enough exercise and this day could change that.

6- everyone will get reminders to lock the house up to prevent crime on this day. (The other 4 facts are in the text above the six).

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