In a perfect world, to ensure student success, we would assign a team of world-class success coaches to every student. We would individualize support choosing a school; walk them through admissions and financial aid; provide meaningful academic advising; powerful teaching and career counseling; and even support them through life-long learning. However, we don't live in a perfect world.

We believe technology can better leverage human capital and deliver better outcomes for institutions and their students.

Now we have created a tech-enabled services venture in the higher education space called 'dotEDU' to deliver scalable solutions along the entire student life-cycle.

The Inspiration

Our company was launched In 2017 and inspired by the founder's experience in higher education admissions and marketing. The opportunity for leveraging technology to scale and improve performance metrics throughout the entire student lifecycle was very clear.

Thinking Waits. Feeling Acts.

The promise of interactive video technology is game-changing. Brain science has now proven that all trust, loyalty, and decision-making come from the limbic (feeling) part of our brain—which tees up video as the perfect medium to connect emotionally with students. Also, the ubiquity of mobile devices and access to Wi-Fi have contributed to Cisco Systems predicting that over 70% of all mobile traffic will be video by the end of 2017.

Digital Human Services: Scaling the human element

The iVX® rich-media platform enables us to cost-effectively "clone" the best admissions reps, guidance counselors, financial aid advisers, success coaches and career navigators, and life-long educators to deliver the cost-effective scale required to significantly impact both student and institution success.

IVX® is the only interactive video experience platform in the market that is capable of delivering on these six powerful features:

1. Data-driven. Personalized.

Not only can the platform personalize videos to a 1:1 level at massive scale, but the personalizations include far more than a name appearing in a video. Video content such as gender, race, age, and other segmentation data can drive personalization.

2. Two-Way. Responsive.

iVX® interactive video experiences not only support decision trees, but any data inputs and question logic. For the first time, we can have conversations and "listen" to viewers, then respond accordingly.

3. Connected.

The iVX® platform architecture supports open-API big data in OR out. Now third-party information can alter a video experience in real-time, or actions within a video experience can create external actions such as phone calls, text messages, or order print materials. IVX® can also post any experience data into any existing CRM's that support APIs.

4. Actionable.

One of the most powerful features of iVX is the ability to embed calls-to-action directly in a video experience. Apply now, register, vote, buy, give, post, call. We convert video from a passive medium to a high-performing ACTIVE medium.

5. Insightful.

Every interaction and milestone with an interactive video experience is captured in our platform in the form of an "experience map" and can also trigger any of a set of robust notifications for follow-up, reporting, and campaign optimization.

6. Behavioral.

The iVX® platform allows for adaptive, sequenced content delivery based on data triggers that occur DURING an interactive video experience or from third-party data. Triggers can generate new content dynamically, fire third-party web events / scheduled actions, or generate real-time SMS or email notifications.

The dotEDU Tech Stack

Our platform is a non-intrusive tech layer that is powered by CRM data and business rules to then deliver personalized, interactive rich-media content that in-turn mines data from end-users to complete the feedback loop and enrich CRM data to continue the adaptive intelligence cycle.

dotEDU Student Life-Cycle Solutions

Our proven platform enables end-to-end student lifecycle solutions that deliver a premium user experience, lower operating costs, and improve business outcomes. Following is a roadmap of our dotEDU solutions:

Marketing / Prospecting

iVX ViP™ (video PURLs) allows your institution to leverage the compelling power of interactive video in direct mail, email, and social media campaigns—delivering video experiences that are personalized 1:1 to tell your school's story and leading to a direct call-to-action.

iVX Video Purls can increase response and click-through rates up to 80%.

Inquiry/Lead Capture

An iVX SmartFunnel™ is the next-generation of landing page — delivering a high-quality "experience" comprised of personalized rich-media content, intelligent forms, and multiple contact strategies.

An iVX SmartFunnel can increase your conversion rates 37% or more.


iVX QuickResponse™ is a five-day rich-media conversion solution that delivers a personalized interactive video response via email and/or SMS within seconds of the time an online inquiry form is completed. The experience customized on the fly to acknowledge the specific program of interest and overcome major objections to going to college. This solution will also improve telephone contact rates.

Responding to online inquiries within ONE minute can result in improvements in application rates as high as 184%.

Inquiry Nurture

iVX Nurture™ is a six-month rich-media lead nurture program designed to educate and empathize with prospects as they make the significant life-decision to attend college. Customized and contextual content that contain interactive experiences provide key engagement insights and empower your admissions team with robust notifications to connect at opportune times.

Over 75% of prospects do NOT apply in their first week of interest.

Aged-Lead Remine

iVX Lead Remine™ was created to optimize the significant investments colleges and universities make in marketing and lead generation. By re-connecting with prospects 9-15 months after an initial inquiry—we can re-activate interest in the large numbers of prospects who, for one reason or another chose not to start school. This 12-week "Life Gets in the Way" rich-media series also helps to dispense of aged leads.

The average ROI with iVX® Remine across all school types exceeds 280%.


iVX App-to-Sit™ is an interactive rich-media touchpoints series designed to ensure those accepted to your institution get the proper navigation through key milestones (orientation, financial aid, registration) that will enable them to start on time and with confidence. This solution is responsive to varying start dates from as quickly as two-weeks to as long as six months.

iVX® App-to-Sit is an essential extension to student retention.

Financial Aid Navigation

iVX FAFSA Plus™ helps orient students to institutional financial aid advising and resources, providing compliant, trackable, and empathetic rich-media messaging and reminders.

Financial aid is a very personal thing. Use iVX® to clone your best financial aid advisors.

Student Retention

iVX Virtual SuccessCoach™ is a "high-tech as high-touch" rich media solution that delivers powerful, pro-active data-driven coaching content to students all along their education journey. iVX interactive experiences are especially effective in "coaching" applications because two-way video allows the opportunity to solicit input and feedback with students—effectively "listening" and then being able to respond contextually. iVX interactive video content can be delivered through multiple channels including email, SMS, print, social, mobile apps, and student portals.

We can better leverage human capital in the role of coaching—while providing scale and best-practices content to deliver a true, four-year, proactive retention solution.

Student Winback

iVX Winback™ is an interactive video touchpoint series designed to reconnect with former students and encourage them to complete their degree. With data-driven video, we can appeal to career benefits based on their degree program, student loan options and even appeal specifically to the number of credit remaining to complete their degree. This program is especially effective for those colleges with both campus and online degree programs because former campus-based students can now take advantage of the flexibility of online programs.

It's 7X less expensive to keep a student in school than it is to recruit a new one.

Alumni Fundraising

iVX Give™ is a powerful interactive storytelling solution that delivers highly personalized, transactional, and viral sharing to alumni and other institutional stakeholders to increase average gift size by using data and customization logic to better connect with the passions of your alumni.

There is a direct correlation between higher donations and attribution to a specific purpose.

The dotEDU Business Model

1. We are a technology-enabled services company and our model is very simple: there are two components to every solution—content and technology.

2. CONTENT: Each solution begins with "universal" best-practices content that allows your school to fast-start a pilot with low cost of entry. We follow an 80/20 rule, meaning we only need to add 20% of your brand and assets to deploy. From there, the sky is the limit to customizing content as you grow your programs.

3. TECHNOLOGY: Every iVX® solution is licensed (metered) based on the volume of unique interactive experiences created (similar to Email Service Providers). We calculate an annual estimate for each solution based on your enrollment numbers and that amount is billed in fixed monthly installments. There are discounts for bundling and/or pre-payment.

4. SERVICES: We are collaborative with your stakeholders in everything from strategy to branding and content creation to technial implementations, analytics, training and optimization.


The higher education landscape is in one of the greatest transitions of all times from the meltdown of the proprietary marketing machines, to the advent of online learning and MOOCs, to student loan debt surpassing consumer credit card debt to blue-chip University brands jumping into the 'business of education and innovation.' It's a new frontier -- and new technologies will be at the forefront of winning it.

Let's raise the bar in higher education. Together.

For more information on dotEDU solutions or to experience iVX® technology for yourself, contact Mike Schlegel, EVP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships at (303) 888.2882.

dotEDU technologies Corp is a Delaware Corporation.

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