Flipping Right Emily Hill: Technology Integration Coach -- Rachel Rolling: 8th Grade Math

Where did we begin?

Why get started?

Students learn at different paces.

students are missing pieces of information from class even though they are present.

students are absent and missing critical lessons.

students are not completing homework fully or correctly at home.

teachers are spending most of class going over problems and not allowing students time to practice on their own with support.

teachers are spending extra hours tutoring and re-explaining to students that do not get it.

what is flipped learning?
responsibility for learning flipped from teacher's hands to students' hands.
Face-to-face time flipped from teacher-centered to student-centered.
focus of class time flipped from lower-order to higher-order thinking.
because of my flipped classroom, i can now...
...and the students can...

how can technology assist the flipped classroom?

8th Grade Math at Clear Lake Middle School

A few tools explained by the students...




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