The Trouble In Me Jack Gantos

The setting in the story is southern Florida. There is also a swamp around him with wet mushy water all by his house. This makes me feel like where he lives in a miserable and undesirable place.
The main setting of this story is at Jacks house with his family and the swamp right outside that he throws things in. It also takes place mostly in the backyard with the barbecue. The swamp is on the other side of the backyard from him.
This book takes place in the sixties. I always thought of the sixties as a happy time, but it is just like now with bad things.
The area in southern Florida is kind of swampy. There is lots of slow moving rivers around his house and town. The climate is also very cloudy, wet, and humid. All of these things add to the overall undesirability of this place.
I think that the town is kind of empty. I think that the people that live there don't really have much money and they just live kind of poorly. Since this is the case I think that these people have a tighter community.
There has only been three objects that time stamp the times. The first is a baby blue convertible Cadillac, these cars are always older from the 50's or 60's. The next is the charcoal grill from before propane. The most important object is a film camera that uses a flash cube that his mom had to but new batteries in.
The mood of this book is a little gloomy and feels disappointing. The swamp shows that there is disappointment in the people and the place.
The setting is very important to the story. The characters has lots of conflicts. The gloomy and eerie place shows this conflict because it doesn't make them happy. Also whenever Jack burns something or does something bad he just throws it in the swamp so he avoids getting in trouble.


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