The Dark Mile The story of exTreme bravery and Valour

My ears were constantly being walloped by intermittent and screechy sound of shoes. The numbness seemed to had gotten better of me. All the irregularities were on the loose. Everything seemed unreal and foggy. It looked like heaven and hell at the same time. But how could it be? Isn't it against the uncertainty principle? It doesn't make any sense. Maybe it was hell. Or maybe I was in heavens. I didn't know. I didn't care. Something was off. Rather everything was off. Do you ever feel like falling free from the sky? Travelling with the terminal velocity? Weightless? Your bones start deliquescing. Every part of you starts living in the moment including your brain. You stop thinking. You stop feeling. You stop caring. You keep on breathing but stop cultivating the afterthoughts.

Do you ever feel like you're lost in a dark and ugly labyrinth, alone? Even your shadows leave you? The sound of your breath starts coming off as a horror playback? Your countenance goes blank? Expressionless? Your faith starts dwindling. You feel like you are almost there, near the end. But all you have is defeat, at the hands of time. You feel like holding yourself together but all that's there is you succumbing to despair. With each step you near the pit-bottom only to find out it's even darker and bottomless. Every laugh is a silent cry and every scream is whisper. The turmoil was real. It was prevalent. I wanted to scream. I wanted to bellow. I wanted to be heard. So I talk. I say something. Something I don't remember. And in that moment a voice strikes my eardrums again. The voice nobody would want to hear. 'Dorey chal saab, dorey chal', staff Muzammil was screaming his guts out.

Created By
Mobashir Nazir


All the photos used in this story are taken from google images. I have no ownership of those pictures whatsoever and can be removed on request.

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