The Cherookees moved west in 1835, men, women, kids, all ages, different groups. Some people that were in the Cherookees were Charlie Washington, couldn't bear to see the soldiers hurt his family. John Ross got permission from the army to delay the departure of the rest of his people until cool weather John Ross wife died on the trail.

The Cherookees moved west for reasons like white men wanted their land, and they thought there was gold on their land. Andrew Jackson believed that Native Americans should accept white culture, or be moved to western territory.

They were located In the west across the Mississippi River, and Oklahoma. Over 2,000 of them and of them died they got diseases such as smallpox, Malaria, measles, cholera, whooping cough, influenza, pneumonia.

There life when they got their was different cause they didn't know the land, the dangers, they didn't know have homes, so they had to make new ones. Some lost people in there family.

Do I think the move benefited them. No, because a lot of of them died along the way they were a son, or daughter they were a nephew, or niece, aunt,uncle. They were family, and they didn't have a home, they could only carry what they could.


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