The Object +modern art practice

Task notification given: Week 1 Term 2 2018

Submission due: Week 10 Term 2 2018

Across the participating Preliminary HSC classes students will be choosing an object and in their VAPD's (Visual Art Process Diaries) making 20 visual representations that explore extensive media usage. However, as discussed, our class will be taking this in a different direction and re-contextualising / re- interpreting the form, function and material of the chosen object to create exhibitable art in a range of settings. The representation of that object in its various exhibition settings will incorporate the media exploration component of the task.

Bear in mind this document has been created to support the explanation of the task give in class and is in no way designed to be a standalone reference.

The mandatory case study for this project looks at the collaborative works of Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen. See the web link above and the documentary toward the end of this page to refresh your memory. This will also be supported by a case study breakdown @ STAGESIX

Re-creating the object and photographing it in the environment
Tai Poniewierka extract from 20 re-contextualisations of the Object.
'Object' in a Box or other setting
Object in a Box

Tai Poniewierka

Isabella Cataldo (after Joseph Cornell)

Sample from Isabella's series of images re-contextualising her object (Camera)

Part B _ Research Task

  1. Compile / construct / create a timeline documenting the 'Object ' in 20th Century Art ( Impressionism to Post Modernism )
  2. Choose 10 works from your timeline and identify whether the artist has 'referenced', 'represented' or 'utilized' the object
Created By
Gary Poulton


Images courtesy Isabella Cataldo, Tai Poniewierka and Zain El-Kamand

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