my photography portfolio maddie baker

I decided to take this class to learn how to capture better images, and improve my photography skills. I hoped to learn how to use an actual camera properly, and learn about all of the features of a camera. I also wanted to learn how to add textures and filters to make my images more interesting.

This image is one that I did where I learned how to capture textures.

In photography class, I learned a lot about lighting. I learned the importance of shadows and highlights and how they can change an entire image. I also learned about the different types of lighting to photograph with, such as Rembrandt lighting, side lighting, or having an image be lit from below.

My image here is showing an example of lit from below.

I also learned how to control the depth of field in my photos by changing the aperture on my camera. I can make the background in full focus, as well as the foreground, or I can make the background completely blurred out. If I had a short depth of field in my shot, the background would be blurry, but with a long depth of field, my background is clearly visible.

In this photo my image has a short depth of field, therefore a blurry background.

In photography, I learned how to optimized an image and how important it can be. In these images you can see the difference before and after I optimized my image. I removed the blemishes and marks from her face to clear up her skin. I also added a levels adjustment and a curve to get catch in both eyes and to fix the lighting.

On the left is an un-optimized image, and on the right is an optimized one.

The project that taught me the most was doing product photography. I realized that it is not very hard tot make a product look really good, with an appealing background. I also learned how to use a mirror effect which I liked a lot.

I believe that I am most likely to try to shoot portraits again. I really enjoyed working with my models to get a perfect picture. Photographing people not just with a lighting set up, but in different landscapes could be super fun as well!

For my creative project, I chose to invert the pictures I took.

All of these images were taken at my cabin, with my sister as my model. I inverted all of the backgrounds, but kept her normal.

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