Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH dA EY "ESTHER" KIM

Nature on Display: The exhibit I found most appealing was the butterfly portion of the museum. There were many photos and pins of butterflies and the photo above even shows the pinning process. The exhibit really caught my attention because of all the vibrant colors and life forms against the wall. I was able to see nature up close and personally without it fleeing from me and that is what I learned about the natural world. I really enjoyed being able to spend time with my friend and examine all the different types of butterflies.
Nature and Ethics: The Natural History Museum provided me with opportunities to love, respect, and admire nature. Everything in the museum seemed pure and not artificial. Everything was solely created for educational purposes and not for profit. The Museum allowed people to experience nature through the outdoor exhibit as well as the recreation of certain landscapes indoors. I was super excited going through the museum because everything was so surreal. After coming out of the museum I definitely felt a bit more respect and responsibility in wanting to conserve the place we live in.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History museum helps us step out of our materialistic centered lives and really appreciate the little things about nature. Being in the outdoor exhibit was so surreal. I had a butterfly land on my head and it was so cool. The concept behind it was so pure and light. There were people of all ages inside the outdoor exhibit and it made me feel like I was worry free and inside a different place. Everything was so beautiful and it really made me realize how amazing all the little things of nature were.

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