Act 5 Romeo and Juliet scene 1-2

On a Wednesday morning on a street in Mantua Romeo was happy and uplifted. He was talking to Balthasar telling him about a wonderful dream he had the night before. Romeo dreamed that he had died and Juliet kissed him and breathed new life into him.
Romeo's servant Balthasar, tells him that Juliet has died, so Romeo makes plans to go back to Verona. He is very angry at fate and offers a poor apothecary a large amount of money to sell him poison illegally, the apothecary doesn't decline the offer becasue he is too poor to refuse the sale. The poison will make Romeo be reunited with Juliet in death.
Friar Laurence finds out that Romeo didn't receive the letter that friar john was supposed to deliver because of an outbreak of the plague which prevented him from leaving Verona. Then, Friar Laurence rushes to the Capulet tomb because it is almost time for Juliet to wake up.


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