Food Waste in the school by Reem kayser

“Food waste isn't just a devastating misuse of natural resources, it's also a huge part of the world's carbon footprint, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization” (FAO). To produce the food to distribute it and to sell take lots of Carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community.) it’s very important to solve the food waste problem in ISB like in every place, 88% of the people in ISB's high school thinks that ISB wastes lot's of food and it’s true. ISB do waste lot's of food and we need to stop it, that why it important to have a sustainability project in our school.

Every year, the world throws out about 1.3 billion tons of food-a startling one-third of the food produced. And that creates a greenhouse gas footprint bigger than all countries, except for China and the U.S. The food supply chain produces about 3.3 billion tons of carbon a year. that means that 30 percent of the world's farmland -- about 3.5 billion acres is wasted, and not counting seafood, wasting all that food costs about $750 billion a year.

We also have this problem in ISB. Yesterday 22.2.17 I went to the cafeteria at 8:20am and I weighted the plastic bags in the bins when they were empty. And I went as well to the cafeteria to weight the plastic bags in the bins after the high school and the middle school ate their lunch and breakfast there. The first bin’s weight was about 20 k”g. The second one was about 21 k”g. There are 4 bins in the cafeteria so let’s say the average is 20.5 k”g, 4x20.5=82kg of waste food in 1 day. One school week is 5 day, 5x82=410kg in a week. In 1 year it’s 72.5 tons of food. This data and kg it’s only from the bins there is another waste food that the cafeteria throw,(food that not good or didn’t sell) the chef said there are another 100 kg of the food they didn’t sell or was not good. And it is another 17 tons a year. 72.5+17=89.5 tons!. ISB throws in about 100 tons of food every year!.

What is Sustainability?

The definition of “sustainability” is the study of how natural systems function, remain and produce everything it needs for the ecology to remain in balance.

Sustainability is important because it ensures people have water and resources, and adopting its practices protects the environment and human health.

Thing that can help to reduce waste food: Recycle food, orange plastic bags, Make less food, Organized the bins with organic and not organic, Make a compost, Sell the food in more expensive price.

2x interviews with the chef: In the first interview he gave me lot’s of new information that I didn't know and new ideas that can help the school be more sustainability, I have got so much new thing about the food in the school and what they do with it, and in the second interview we measured together the bins and we found new data about how much food the school throws.

1x interview with a user: I did a google form and I sent it to all 10th-12th graders and the teachers in the high school as well, I've got a lot of new ideas for the school and I also saw what the students and the teachers think about food waste and what can we do with it.


Girls tend to waste more food than boys.

Younger children tend to waste more than older children.

The orange bin bags

Where to put your food waste? In the orange bag. The households can obtain a container in one of our Rec Parks. The inhabitants from Schaerbeek, Uccle, Watermael-Boitsfort and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre can obtain their container from their municipal authorities

What we can not put in ours orange bag or container as such as; Nappies, Shells from eggs, nuts, oysters, mussels, Bones, fish tones, Kernels, and all what is not food, such as plastics, glasses, and more....

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