Captain Tom Step Williamsburg trip 2017- by Zach gooodman (HISTORY .org)

This object is a led line it is used to measure how deep the water is the English used them when the were coming to Jamestown to see if they could sail their ships there

The guard room is a room that is used for the guards to put their weapons down and rest

It was very dark and it smelled like smoke and all the people working there were all covered in charcoal. You can buy tools and weapons there and they can fix tools and weapons. You would order by looking at a catalog and telling them what you want from the catalog.

The person that would own this house would Be the governor I would visit this house to talk about war plans and to catch up on things. This room is used for sitting and talking about what we should do next in the war I would spend a lot of my time there. My favorite part of the house was the ballroom because it was so big and the paintings were cool.

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