witches in west memphis a story of an unfair trial

On may 5th 1993 in West Memphis Arkansas, the three boys pictured above were reported missing at 7 pm by Mark Byers Christopher Byers step-father. The next day the boys bodies were found by a creek in a place called Robin Hood hills. The scene was horrific the boys were fond spread out naked and hog tied with their own shoe laces, Chris byers was found not only in that way but castrated as well. The parents of these three children who hoped their babies would be found alive, were distraught when they found out the horrible news of their sons deaths. Police began their detective work and began to try and find leads, interviewing locals and they believed there were thousands of people who couldve done it. But soon they narrowed it down to three boys, three boys who were very different from the rest of the small bible fearing town. They wore black, loved metal bands and got into trouble once but now rumors spread that these boys were satanists and sacraficed the boys to the Devil. And now this would begin the very long very hard struggle to prove their innocence.

Damien's Mugshot

Damien Echols who was 18 at the time he was accused of this crime had long black hair and loved metal bands. He was also some what spiritual being but a practicing catholic and practicing Wiccan. Despite the stereotype that Wiccans were witches this was not the case, it was a very gentle religion thats basis surrounded the respect of nature and life. Damien dropped out of highschool and was planning to marry his then girlfriend Damini who was also pregnant with his child. Around this time he was in and out of mental hospitals for hallucinations and voices.

Jason's Mugshot

Charles "Jason" Baldwin was Damien's baby faced best friend.He was a shy quiet 16 year old who loved metal music and was a really talented artist. He got high grades in school except for English which he kinda struggled with. But what his English grade didn't show was just how talented of a writer he was. He had a journal in class which was apart of an assignment, where he wrote about his life and even some poems and lyrics. He and Damien were extremely close due to the fact that they had the same taste in music and shared the same belief that the town was full of bible crazy people that really just didn't understand them.

Jessie Misskelley was an aquaintence to Damien and Jason, he wasn't a very good student and had a very low IQ . The police integrating him for 12 hours encouraging him slowly and unknowingly to him to change his story and give them he one they wanted. They only recorded the last 45 minutes of the interrogation. That's when he accused Damien and Jason of committing the horrible act out of frustration.

Because Damien was wiccan and because him and Jason both wore black band t-shirts and listened to metal music there was rumors spreading around the small town that the two teens were Satanists and that the three little boys were used as sacrifice for the Devil. This was brought up in court where the man who was a so called "expert" in satanic and wiccan beliefs when he really got his masters degree in the mail, stated how innocent blood was used in this religion for youth and power. Damien stated that wasn't true, He was Catholic and Wiccan and didnt believe in sacreficing children. But it was still used as evidence anyway. They showed books that Damien had about witches and The Wiccan religion, One book had a Wiccan pentagram with tiny upside down crosses around it.

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