Yung Swiss - Jungle ft K.O Music video treatment

Jungle is a performance driven music video shot in studio behind a 3 way split screen with the middle being the largest. On the screens will show projections of political revolutions that have taken place in South Africa. With the artist performing to camera and models on the side playing musical instruments and wearing masks
the video will also consist of a constant flashing light referencing Wolves by Kanye West
On screen Projections of Political revolutions that have taken place in South Africa.
Yung Swiss's performance to camera with projections of a political revolution in the background
For K.O's performance set will have him perform to camera seated on a throne chair decorated with a jungle theme
Beauty shots of models playing musical instruments on either sides of the split screens
Will have models switching between the split screens where will see them in a different outfit when they get to the next screen. Will also use props to move them through different screens where from one screen a model passes a belt of bullets and on the other screen Swiss takes it and wears a gold chain. They pass a gun and when it gets to the other screen it turns into a mic and the artist is performing to camera. We also play with grenades which when they get on the other screens it's a rolling dicd
Another performance set will be set under an overhead light where the artist performs to camera with a group of models walking cross the screen from different directions.
Artist performing to camera
models walking across the screen

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