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The boys' soccer senior night was September 19. Varsity won 4-1 against Franklin Central.

Senior Thawng Za Cung stands with his parents and sister on the field showing off his high school accomplishments to the fans in the stands. The boys’ varsity soccer team has many seniors, all of whom participated in senior night. Photo by Emma Main
"Being a senior is something to take serious on a soccer team. The underclassmen look up to us seniors and hope to improve from us," Senior Thawng Za Cung said. "Playing during senior night was something else. A lot of emotions come on and off the field. It was a night to remember."
Senior James Thawng dribbles the ball up the field and passes to senior Dawt Thang. Thawng has three assists and two goals this season. Photo by Emma Main
Senior James Thawng passes the ball to junior Patrick Oberc in an attempt for a shot. This year the varsity team is 10-1 overall and 3-0 in conference. Photo by Emma Main
“Being a senior means a lot because there's younger players on the team that we, as seniors, need to prepare them for their upcoming season,” Senior ootsa marn said.
Senior Ootsa Marn dribbles the ball around a Franklin Central player. The boys’ varsity team is ranked number 10 in the state and 99 in the nation. Photo by Emma Main
“It was a very competitive game but we came out did our thing and took the win on a big night," MARN SAID. " I couldn’t be happier.”
Junior Rodrigo Romero clears the ball up the field. Romero has seven shots and two assists this year. Photo by Emma Main
Senior Thawng Za Cung punts the ball to the other side of the field. Za Cung has 33 saves this year and has played over 580 minutes. Photo by Emma Main
Sophomore Carlos Herrera tracks back his runner in order to get the ball back on offense. Herrera is one of three sophomores to play on varsity. Photo by Jordin Baker
Sophomore Albert Thang dribbles up the side of the field in order to attempt a goal. Thang has 23 shots and five assists. Photo by Jordin Baker
Sophomore Albert Thang takes the ball down the field and passes the two defenders on him. Photo by Jordin Baker
"Being a senior feels unreal to me," Senior Dawt Thang said. "it's shocking how fast time has flown by. even now i'm still speechless."
With two minutes and 26 seconds left on the clock senior Dawt Thang scores another goal. With one second left in the game Thang scores again. Photo by Jordin Baker
"The outcome of the game was like a dream. it was something i've always dreamt of doing," thang said. "Scoring four goals senior night, this is one of those things you tell your kids about."
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