Portfolio Presentation TONIANNE ATTARD

Academic Advising Appointment

For a First Year Florida assignment, we had to go to an advising appointment. Unfortunately, my advisor preferred not to take a photo at the time, but above is the screenshot of a follow up e-mail he sent me. The academic advising center has been the most important resource to me this semester, especially being a first generation college student. When I feel like I'm confused about my academic track r even just need a little bit of guidance, it's so easy to walk in to the advising center and have my questions answered right away. I usually walk into the advising center pretty stressed out, but never fail to walk out feeling relieved.

Faculty Interview

For my faculty interview assignment, I interviewed my teaching assistant for the class IUF1000. I decided to interview Mandisa because she is an international student and a PhD student so I felt that she would have good insight on the college experience. During the interview she gave me great advice to study what I am passionate about in college and do a lot of reading to discover who I am.

Service Learning Project

The service learning project was my favorite assignment for First Year Florida. During this very hands on project, my class got the opportunity to go out during the weekend and take a few hours to play with young children in a local park that had disabilities. Playing with the children opened my eyes to the fact that disabled children are really no different from non-disabled children, and they even inspired me to enjoy my life more and be grateful for what I have.

Common Reading Program Event

Ann Dunwoody was the author of this year's UF Common Reading Program book. Above is a picture of her next to our President Kent Fuchs at the freshman student convocation. The Common Reading Program event was held by Gator Nights. While attending, my friends and I did the DIY sweatband activity and then watched a move The Purge: Anarchy.

Campus Resource Visit

For my campus resource visit, my group was assigned the multicultural and diversity division of student affairs. located in the Reitz Union, the MCDA is a group of students that are dedicated to creating a more inclusive and safe environment on campus through promoting diversity. They plan and host events on campus and even off campus retreats that students can participate in.

Diversity Assignment

For my diversity assignment, I decided to go to Def Talent Jam hosted by UF's Filipino Student Association. Def Talent Jam consisted of multiple FSAs from schools around Florida coming together and performing a dance show. I decided to go to this event because my roommate is from the Philippines and I wanted to learn more about her culture.

University of Florida Football

At UF, football games are a major part of the student culture. My favorite thing about UF student life so far is football games and the atmosphere the stadium has. The stadium is a place symbolic of the gator nation that all UF fans, students and alumni are a part of. Going to the football games this season has broadened my sense of school spirit.


The MFOS program is the only reason that I am able to attend UF and create all of these amazing experiences. Being an MFOS scholar has given me the opportunity to believe in myself and believe that a great education can be earned by people from all backgrounds. It has also been comforting to know that there are so many UF students out there that are just like me, and came from a low income background. MFOS makes me feel apart of something bigger than just a club or student association, but a family.


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