Blankets for the Homeless By: Jordyn Anderson

My Mission

My mission is to get all of the blankets that I have made or collected to Chicago for the homeless.

Benefits of this Project

The benefits are that the homeless in Chicago will get blankets for the winter. The blankets that I will be making are thick and sturdy, which means that they will last for a long time. Some other benefits are that the homeless will have blankets for a long time and to stay warm for the winter.


Mt purpose in all this was to give blankets for the winter. But then my cousin sent a a snapchat of her home in Chicago, the streets and the stores. In that video was a man, he was wearing scrappy clothes and he looked cold. I told my cousin about the project and she said that it would be a great idea for the homeless in Chicago. So we came up with the plan.

Flier (picture)

My Goals

My goals are to successfully get all of the blankets to Chicago for the homeless.


I don't have a lot of contacts, as of right now my only contacts is my cousin and the charity in Chicago.

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