Alcohol in Australia. Consequences and Strategies

You will be able to find a symbol like this on bottles, to show how much alcohol is in it. Any more than 2 standard drinks in a short amount of time will put you above the legal driving limit of 0.05 BAC.

Alcohol is mostly commonly used drug in Australia, and the over indulgence often leads to negative effects.

How common is Alchohol?

86% of Australians aged 14 and over have consumed alcochol one or multiple times in their lives. Out of all the work force, 1 in 10 people have said that they have had to deal with co workers that were drunk. 1 in 4 women drink alcohol while pregnant, even though the Australian alcohol guidelines recommend not drinking during this time.

The Possible Consequences of Irresponsible Alcohol Use

Anemia, Cardiovascular Disease, Liver and Nerve Damage, Dementia, Depression, Seizures, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Dizzy, Confused, Coma, Angry, Talkative, Tired, Violent, Vomiting

That's some medical issues, but the influence of alcohol can have more serious consequences. As it is, 18% - 20% of car crashes were by drivers that were drunk. That's a pretty big margin, and a lot of dangerous driving. Random breath tests on roads happen often, and that reduces some of it, but you still need to be careful of your drinking and stay under the legal driving limit if you need to drive home.

So what can you do to stop overusing alcohol?

Many people in Australia enjoy a social drink from time to time. Yet drinking too mucooh alcohol or drinking too often increases your risk of developing an alcohol-related injury or disease. You may be thinking it’s time to take control of your drinking, so here are some tips to help you cut down on alcohol.

  1. Keep track of your drinking habits.
  2. Change your drinking habits.
  3. Don’t drink on an empty stomach.
  4. Quench your thirst with water or soft drinks.
  5. Sip your drink slowly.
  6. Take a break.
  7. Buy low-alcohol alternatives.
  8. Opt out of ‘shouts’.
  9. Avoid salty snacks, such as chips or peanuts.
  10. Do something other than drink.
Just having a slightly lower awareness and response time, both symptoms of alcohol, could cause quite a serious crash like this one.
...not like this...

Thanks for listening, drink responsibly. =)

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