Tips and Tricks for Senior PicS By valya krumbach

Chose a location this is both appealing and comfortable. Think about distractions such as people walking by, moving vehicles, or loud noises that could possibly make the experience less enjoyable. An open field works perfectly as well as a city street.
Lighting is very important during a photoshoot. The goal is to allow the sun to work its magic but at the same time not overpower the photo. Photographers use objects to bounce the light from the sun onto your face that gives your image a natural glow without the brightness.
During the spring and summer time when the days are longer, the best time for pictures is between 6PM and 8PM. For the fall and winter those times will change to 4PM and 6PM due to how short the days are. Taking pictures earlier in the morning before the sun has reached the center of the sky is also an option.
The weather plays a huge role in the theme of your shoot. One option is a bright and colorful background while another could be dreary and perhaps snowing. Either of these are fine as long as the weather does not distract or disrupt your desired look. Keep in mind that different weather types may ruin your hair and or makeup.
The best part of senior pictures is choosing which outfits to wear. Usually this is limited, it all depends on the photographers rules. Even though this can be exciting, keep in mind that you do not want what you are wearing to distract from the image. For example, do not chose a neon pink dress or a shirt with a crazy design on it. Most importantly, chose something that you feel comfortable in.
What makeup you're wearing, the style of your hair, and the color of your nails all can either be a beautiful thing or something you will laugh at thirty years later. Sticking with natural looking makeup, natural hair color, and clear nails is always the smart route to take. Again, remember you are going to look at these for the rest of your life.
Last, be patient on getting your photos back. The most frustrating thing for a photographer is having his or her clients asking multiple times when their photos will be finished. Photo editing takes time and effort, it is best to not rush the process.

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