Winds By Cheyenne Koerperich

Global Winds: the dominant wind patterns that blow in a constant direction across Earth.
Global convection currents are caused by temperature differences between the equator and the poles.
The Coriolis Effect: an internal force that acts on objects that are in motion.
Global Wind Belts are formed by the unequal heating of the earth by sunlight and the earth's spin.
Doldrums are an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with sudden storm and unpredictable winds.
Horse Latitudes is a belt of calm air and water in both the northern hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere between the trade winds and westerlies.
Trade Winds are the prevailing pattern of easterly surface winds that are found in the tropics
Prevailing Westerlies are prevailing winds from the west toward the east in the middle latitudes.
Polar Easterlies: Cold dry prevailing winds that blow from the high-pressure areas of the polar highs at the Poles.
Jet Streams: Narrow, variable band of very strong westerly air currents encircling the globe several miles above the earth and there are two or three jet streams in each of the northern and southern hemispheres.

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