My Tour at the Harn

Core Relation

This statue shows the classical interpretation of beauty and Hellenistic values. Today in this day and age, this form of art is a call back to early western ideology and democracy. This makes me think of Columbia, the symbol for America during the 19th century. Manifest destiny was often associated with her, and fills me with a immense sense of Americanism. The intended purpose also called for peace portrayed by her outstretched arms which is always the prayer of everyone.

The Museum

The museum was easy to navigate and was incredibly clean. The segregation of the artwork by wings made it simple to find the taste that you enjoy, and presented some order to what otherwise would have been a chaotic system. However, it seemed that the museum was very empty and cavernous. The expanded ceilings and dim lighting gave a very relaxed environment. The museum also feature a single very bland color, ironically, and intended for all focus to be on the art.

Technique of the Art

Hoichi Kurisu designed these Asian inspired gardens to translate tranquility and harmony through a static medium. Kurisu deliberately placed every limestone boulder by crane to create the perfect angles and boundaries. The bench was crafted specifically from Alaskan yellow cedar with surface decoration called noguri, which showed a weathered look. The bridge was made from a local pine from a local Floridian riverbed and was made by a Japanese carpenter Osamu Watanabe.

The Good Life Through Art

Giovani Battista Piranesi traveled to Paestum to view these Doric Greek temples with his son 60 miles south of their home in Naples. He sketched these monuments and transformed contemporary understanding of these ancient structures. Instead of simply a historical or architectural wonder, these building were seen emotionally. Giovani shared what textbooks or manuscripts could not. he shared the good life.


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